Damian Lillard And Paul George Settle Dispute After 2019 'Bad Shot' Comments


Damian Lillard and Paul George have buried the hatchet after George acknowledged Lillard's shooting capabilities and walked back comments he made after a 2019 postseason game. Lillard said the two shook hands and have no ill will toward each other.

"As a man, I don't hold on to issues that tightly when it's not that deep," Lillard said in a Tweet. "Life is short."

In 2019, Lillard eliminated the Thunder while defended by George when he hit a buzzer-beating 37-foot shot in Game 5. After the game, George faced criticism when he said it was a "bad shot." 

The two All-Stars were teammates for Team LeBron during Sunday's All-Star Game and George acknowledged Lillard's ridiculous range after the 170–150 win. 

"Well I guess I was criticized for the right reason for calling Dame's shot in the playoffs a bad shot," George said. "I mean, I see this guy's range is crazy." 

George added that Lillard's half-court heaves are a "great shot." Lillard had 32 points in the win and was 8-for-16 from deep. 

George finished the game with 17 points and hit five three-pointers of his own.