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Jared Butler Cleared for NBA by Fitness-to-Play Panel

Former Baylor star Jared Butler has been cleared by the NBA's fitness-to-play panel, Butler confirmed on Twitter. With the clearance, Butler can now take part in pre-draft on-court activities and of course play in the NBA.

The Athletic reported that Butler was referred to the panel in June and there was a chance that his NBA career was over before it ever started.

The panel consists of three physicians that determine if players are allowed to be medically cleared to play in the NBA. It's unclear why Butler was referred to the panel, but nonetheless, he will hear his name be called on draft day. 

The panel was created in 2017 and deals with potentially life-threatening situations. Specifically, cardiac illnesses and conditions as well as blood clots and other blood conditions and disorders. It was initially created for former Heat forward Chris Bosh when his career was essentially ended by a condition he developed caused by blood clots he suffered from. 

But hopefully, Butler will have a long NBA career now that his health is in order. 

The star point guard was named the NCAA Final Four Outstanding Player for leading Baylor to a national championship and was widely considered a lottery pick in this month's NBA draft before the report of his undisclosed medical condition. It remains to be seen how it could affect his draft stock. Butler was forced to miss the draft combine and any on-court activities while the panel decided his fate.  

The draft will be at the Barclays Center on July 29 on ABC and ESPN at 8 p.m. ET. 

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