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Bucks Post Ill-Timed Grayson Allen Tweet After Ejection; Bulls Respond

The Bucks and Bulls have never been friendly with each other, but Milwaukee’s Twitter admin may have committed the team’s second flagrant offense of the last 24 hours.

The instigating event came in the third quarter of the Bucks’ 94–90 win over the Bulls on Friday when Grayson Allen was ejected after he was called for a flagrant-2 foul on Alex Caruso.

On Saturday, the Bulls announced that Caruso sustained a fractured wrist against the Bucks, ruling him out for six to eight weeks. A replay video of the foul also appeared to show Caruso’s head hit the ground after Allen swiped at him twice in mid-air.

Rather than address the incident, the Bucks may have done worse than not even acknowledging it at all. On Saturday morning, the Bucks tweeted a video of Allen eating a donut, which led to a response from the Bulls’ social media team. 

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On Friday night, Caruso said the foul was “kind of bulls---” after saying Allen grabbed him out of the air. Meanwhile, Bulls coach Billy Donovan said he hoped the league would look further into the foul after saying Allen potentially endangered Caruso’s career. 

“Maybe he didn’t mean to do it—I don’t know,” Donovan said in his postgame press conference. “I just know the play looked really, really bad on a guy that has a history of doing that all the way back into college. 

“I hope the league takes a hard look at something like that. Because God forbid this guy was in a stretcher going out of the building right now. That would not be good.”

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