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Bulls guard Lonzo Ball hasn’t played in a game since Jan. 14 after knee pain revealed a small tear in his meniscus. And on Tuesday, he told reporters that he will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in Los Angeles on Wednesday and his return to the court doesn’t seem close. 

“I still can’t play basketball,” Ball said. “So, unfortunately, I’ve got to take the next step and that’s surgery.”

This will be his third surgery on his left knee, and Ball shared that he even feels pain when just going up the stairs.

“I can’t run. I can’t run or jump,” he said. “There’s a range from, like, 30 to 60 degrees on my knee is bent that I have no force. And I can’t catch myself. So until I can do those things, I can’t play. I did rehab. It was getting better. But it was not to a point where I could get out there and go out there and run at full speed or jump. So surgery was the next step.”

Last week, Chicago announced that Ball would be evaluated in four to six weeks, so his timetable to return to the court is unknown. From what he shared, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anytime soon. In 35 games last season, Ball averaged 13 points, 5.1 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game. 

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