The LA Clippers have three new rookies on their team. It's been a different type of draft for them, acquiring three new faces: Keon Johnson, Jason, Preston, and BJ Boston. Each one has their own special story, but this piece focuses on Jason Preston.

Preston called it a "DREAM COME TRUE" on Twitter when he learned that the Clippers were going to be drafting him. Clippers President of Basketball Ops Lawrence Frank stated that Preston had worked out with the Clippers twice, and it looks like those workouts paid in the ultimate reward - an NBA contract.

We could give a whole separate piece on just how magnificent Preston's journey has been, and SLAM did a terrific job doing so for those interested. One thing we did want to focus on though, was Preston's ability to both write and hoop.

Four years ago when Preston was 17, he wrote for the website Pistons Powered. His piece detailed Reggie Jackson praising the Pistons, and now four years later, Preston may have a chance to play with Jackson. It's a very cool moment of life coming full circle for a young player getting to fulfill his dream. As SLAM detailed, "Preston graduated from William R.Boone High School and began taking summer classes at the University of Central Florida with the intention of enrolling in the fall and majoring in journalism." 

Jason Preston is a rare instance of a young talent truly being able to blend both worlds. Most NBA players don't enjoy the media, and sometimes don't really understand it. Hopefully, Preston can be the type of player who bridges that gap.

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