Clippers' new Inglewood Arena will be to Bird-Friendly at PETA's Request

The Clippers new arena will be both people, and bird-friendly.
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The LA Clippers new arena is making sure that it'll be both people-friendly, and bird-friendly. After clearing a hurdle with James Dolan and The Forum, their newest hurdle came from PETA.

In a statement made by PETA:

"Following PETA's request that the Los Angeles Clippers' new arena use bird-friendly glass, the City of Inglewood has revised its environmental impact report ahead of a public hearing tomorrow to detail how it will prevent birds from crashing into glass panels they can't see. In addition to making all glass panels visible to birds by including a fritted finish, the arena's lighting will be managed so that it doesn't attract birds and cause collisions at night."

The Clippers are embracing PETA's request by creating innovative bird-friendly architecture. "This new arena will give California's birds an assist as they fly safely through Los Angeles and provide other building developers with a blueprint to emulate," said PETA Foundation Deputy General Counsel for Litigation Caitlin Hawks.

In a conversation with Steve Ballmer, PETA noted that tall structures with bright lights and glass facades kill up to a billion birds every year in the United States. The animal rights organization wanted the Clippers to fix the situation because birds cannot see clear and reflective glass. The buildings specifically cause these deaths, because birds get attracted by large lighted buildings during nocturnal migration. As a result, the Clippers obliged with the request.

Building this new Inglewood arena hasn't been an easy process for Steve Ballmer. Nearly every imaginable obstacle seems to be thrown his way, and despite that, Ballmer pushes on. His quest to make the LA Clippers a premier sports team remains unfazed, and moves on.