First Look: LA Clippers Partner With Mister Cartoon for 2020-21 City Edition Jerseys

Mister Cartoon and the LA Clippers have partnered again
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The LA Clippers have partnered with the world-famous Mister Cartoon once again. The duo created the City Edition jerseys last season, and this year it's round two.

“We are proud to represent a piece of this city’s culture and work with Mister Cartoon and Royyal Dog who serve as true examples of work ethic, dedication, and the all-out effort required to make a difference,” said Gillian Zucker, Clippers President of Business Operations.


For Cartoon, it's a chance to see his work in a way that he's never seen it before - inside of an NBA arena. Cartoon's favorite part about his first collaboration with the LA Clippers was seeing his work at merch tables, on the TV, and on the court.

"I mean it’s insane," Cartoon said. "You know, it’s surreal, especially when you’re at a game and you see people actually getting the merch and to see the stuff up and to see the logo blown up, it’s crazy."

The jersey keeps last year's design but focuses on a darker look. Cartoon describes it as a "Darth Vader" type look. Not just that, but the entire City Edition design reminds him of his days working with the NWA. 

"There's just something about that Old English font that hits me," Cartoon said. "It brings me back to my days with the NWA where things felt raw."

This collaboration extends beyond the jersey - the Clippers and Mister Cartoon have created the "Make Your Mark" campaign. The activation is a monthly event during the regular season, where the Clippers and Mister Cartoon will host digital workshops for high school students. Some of the organizations involved are: Inner-City Arts, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and other L.A.-based school districts. Here are the early details on the sessions:

"During each session, 50 students will receive live, personalized instruction from Mister Cartoon via Zoom and a Clippers art kit containing all of the supplies needed for each workshop. Mister Cartoon will teach the students the techniques and methods that he has used to achieve global success."

Mister Cartoon wants to use the "Make Your Mark" campaign to inspire students about following their dreams. They may not be NBA players, but they can at least be involved in the NBA. As one door closes, another one opens, and Cartoon wants to keep that hope alive for kids.

"I realized at a young age that one day I can at least be involved in sports," Cartoon said. "Like I could design a jersey, or I could make merch for the store, or I could tattoo a player, and so that’s what I encourage to a lot of people. As much this is about apparel sometimes, it's also an example of if you submerse in something where you love what you do."


This second round of Cartoon x Clippers doesn't end with the jerseys, they'll be launching a whole drop of apparel this season. The 2020-21 City Edition Jersey and merchandise collection will be available on December 3rd.