An Inside Look Into the Mind of Montrezl Harrell: Monsta Trezz

Farbod Esnaashari

One word describes Montrezl Harrell - monster.

But what transformed the man into the monster? What made Montrezl Harrell into the basketball player that he is today? Those questions are answered in Harrell's new mini documentary produced by the LA Clippers, “LAC Featured: Monsta Trezz". 

We had an opportunity to view the piece before its April 8 release, and it explains why  Harrell carries such a gigantic chip on his shoulder. The documentary follows Harrell's journey as a young man, to a high school player, college, and into the professional world. To give fans an inside look into the formation of Harrell's professional career, there are interviews from his peers, parents, and high school coaches.

Interestingly enough, the piece revealed that Harrell didn't grow up playing the game of basketball. When Trez was in elementary school, he initially played football. Harrell's father revealed that a young Montrezl once approached him and said, "Dad I played football because you love football, but basketball is my passion." From that moment on, it just became a matter of following passion. 

"My grandmother got me into it," Harrell said. "She was the one who had me pick up the game of basketball. My grandmother was always the one who bought me all of those toddler basketballs."

It wasn't all smooth sailing for Trez though. Harrell's high school coach, acknowledged that Montrezl dealt with harsh criticism from his high school community. "You see see that tremendous size, and they treated him as if he was already a professional," coach Calvin Phillips said. "The expectation level was through the roof. They wouldn't take the time to look that he was a kid."

Those are the moments that fuel Trez. Those are the moments that make him the monster that he is today. "He remembers all that stuff, and he uses it as motivation." Harrell's father said.

Perhaps the most telling moment of the documentary was the moment Trez was drafted. Harrell was expecting to be a lottery pick, but scouts believed he wasn't a fit in the modern NBA. Montrezl slipped all the way down to the 32nd overall pick in the 2nd round of the draft. The moment he was drafted, Harrell wasn't even in the room.

The moment Harrell was drafted, was the catalyst for the never-ending motor that he plays with.

The full documentary will be available on Wednesday, April 8 at 9am on YouTube, as well as on Facebook and IGTV.