Jared Dudley says the Lakers playing the Clippers in the playoffs would be "seven home games"

Farbod Esnaashari

There's been no shortage of trash talk between the Lakers and Clippers this season. One of the biggest aggregators of that trash talk has been Jared Dudley.

According to Greg Beacham of The Associated Press, Dudley spoke about the potential Lakers-Clippers playoff matchup yet again. One thing in particular he highlighted was the fact that he believed every game with fans would be a Laker home game. A statement he's mentioned numerous times in the past.

There are two different ways to handle this take. The first being, that it's untrue. On March 8, when the Clippers faced the Lakers in a home game, Kawhi Leonard received his loudest MVP chants of the season. 

Yes, when the Lakers are winning, it becomes a road game for the Clippers. However, when the Clippers are winning, it became a home game for the Clippers. That is how it has always been for the Clipper franchise against popular teams, not just the Lakers. It remains a home game until they start losing. Ultimately the entire game ends up being incredibly loud, with a bunch of raucous noise.

The second way to look at this, is that the Clippers simply wouldn't care if all seven games were Laker home games. If anything, that would fuel players like Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and Montrezl Harrell even more. Lou Williams already stated he's looking forward to being booed during the parade if the Clippers win the championship. 

Regardless, if the Clippers face the Lakers in the conference finals this season, there won't be any fans. There's a good chance that there won't be any fans next season as well. The only thing that fans can hope for, is that they aren't robbed of this exciting matchup.