Who Makes it on the LA Clippers' All-Time Starting Five?

Garrett Chorpenning

No, the LA Clippers have never won an NBA title, but the franchise has had its fair share of superstar players since its inception in 1970. ESPN released its rankings of every NBA team's all-time starting five this week, and LA's is full of talented players.

From 1 to 5, LA's all-time starting five includes Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin, Elton Brand and Bob McAdoo. 

Overall, this is a good list — but it's not perfect.

McAdoo is an obvious choice upon first glance, as the Hall of Fame big averaged nearly 30 points and 13 rebounds as a member of the Buffalo Braves and won an MVP in 1975. Thing is, he only spent four full seasons with the Braves before being traded 20 games into his fifth.

McAdoo's runner-up would be DeAndre Jordan in this case, but it could be argued that he deserves the nod over McAdoo.

Jordan is the quintessential Clipper. He spent 10 seasons with the franchise from 2008 to 2018, and as such, he holds several franchise records. Jordan is the all-time leader in 10 different categories, ranging from games played to rebounds to defensive win shares. McAdoo, on the other hand, is the leader in just two categories.

McAdoo may have had the better career, but Jordan accomplished more as a member of the franchise.

All of the other inclusions make sense. Chris Paul spent six of the best years of his career in Los Angeles, and he's bound to end up as one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game. Kawhi Leonard is arguably the best player in the NBA today. And rather than deciding between Blake Griffin and Elton Brand at the power forward spot, ESPN slid Griffin over to the 3 to keep them both — a decision that's easily justified.  

Would you make any changes to the LA Clippers' all-time starting five? Let us know who your group is made up of in the comment section below.