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LA Clippers announce Honey as new jersey sponsor

Out with the Bumble, in with the Honey.

The LA Clippers' partnership with Honey has reached new levels; the LA-based tech company is now the official jersey sponsor of the Clippers.

For those who need a refresher, the Clippers previously engaged in a multi-year sponsorship in 2018 with the app Bumble as their jersey sponsor. Throughout that two year span, Honey has found themselves increasingly a part of the Clippers' presence. The brand has sponsored: practice jerseys, the training facility, and created the popular 'Steal of a Deal' ticket campaign for fans. It's only natural that the Clippers' partnership with Honey reached its full-circle moment as the official jersey sponsor of the team. This new partnership begins in the 2020-21 NBA season, and it's a multi-year deal.

The new patch.

The new patch.

Clippers President of Business Operations, Gillian Zucker, gave Sports Illustrated some extra detail on the decisions behind the partnership. "Honey originally began their relationship with us through the partnership of the Honey Training Center," Gillian Zucker said. "It gave them a platform from a community perspective for their employees to engage in, but also one from a regional perspective with national assets. Now, with this, they’ve really expanded their national presence."

While there isn't a chance for fans to attend games quite yet, that doesn't mean Honey is leaving them behind this season. "We wanted to kick off this new relationship with something new," Gillian Zucker said. "So on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re going to be offering deals of Clipper merchandise on the Clippers Fan Shop. Using the code, 'HONEY15', fans can save 15% on new jerseys." Honey plans on bringing more campaigns like the 'Steal of a Deal' Ticket campaign, so expect more digital sweepstakes.

Perhaps the most memorable part of Honey's already existing partnership with the Clippers was their iconic Kawhi Leonard commercial. Somehow, Leonard perfectly filled the shoes of the deadpan comedic role that Blake Griffin previously filled with the team. Expect to see a new batch of humorous collaborations between Kawhi and Honey too.

Honey has gone from a tech brand that only a niche crowd has heard of to one that aggressively employes some of the most popular names in the world like Mr. Beast, Rob Gronkowski, and Kawhi Leonard. 

Honey Jersey Patch - Locker

They're a name that will continue to vigorously expand, similar to the Clippers - the small Buffalo team that now is a premier destination in the NBA. It's a journey that intertwines both brands together, at the same perfect time.