Donald Sterling Documentary 'Blackballed' to Debut May 18

The documentary will focus on how the LA Clippers responded to then-owner Donald Sterling's racist remarks that surfaced during the 2014 NBA Playoffs.
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It's been 6 years since the NBA handed Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers, a lifetime ban from the league after audio surfaced of him making racist comments. It was an unprecedented moment in the history of the league, and one that hasn't been forgotten by fans.

The days leading up to the announcement of his punishment were tense, as no one really knew how to respond or what steps needed to be taken to remove him from his position. Now, fans will get the inside story when 'Blackballed' debuts May 18 on Quibi. 

The documentary will highlight the efforts that the LA Clippers made to hold Sterling accountable and will include interviews with Chris Paul, Doc Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, JJ Redick, Matt Barnes and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, among others.

The whole situation took place during the 2014 NBA Playoffs while the Clippers were in the midst of a first-round matchup with the Golden State Warriors. A boycott was considered, but the team chose to play through it and wound up winning the series in Game 7. 

In addition to NBA players and personalities, 'Blackballed' also features interviews with "some of the biggest names from the world of sports, politics, business and media" as they discuss the context of race in America as it relates to the Sterling incident. 

The full documentary is only available on Quibi, which can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you'll be watching.