Ivica Zubac Addresses Jersey Statement: 'Everyone should be equal'

Garrett Chorpenning

Now that we're roughly a week into the NBA restart, fans can't ignore the measures the league has put in place to address social justice. Teams are kneeling during the national anthem, "Black Lives Matter" is painted at center court, and many players have chosen to replace the last name on their jersey with a social statement.

LA Clippers big Ivica Zubac is among that group. He's worn the phrase "Enough" on the back of his jersey for the last several games, but didn't get a chance to explain why until he spoke with reporters Wednesday morning.

"I'm grateful I got a chance to give support to my teammates and to the African American community," Zubac said, via Zoom. "Choosing 'Enough,' it's enough of all this happening to their community. It's time after so many years that everyone should get equal opportunity, and there shouldn't be one side getting more opportunities than the other one. 

"It's just everyone should be equal. It's enough of the killings that are happening, police brutality and all that stuff."

Zubac is one of 12 Clippers players wearing a statement on their uniform, including Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell and Joakim Noah. The phrases "How Many More," "Equality," and "I Am A Man" are the most popular with the team.

Noah recently took to Instagram to address his decision to wear "Justice" on his jersey, saying, "This isn't a political statement. This is about basic human rights."

While LA is focused on winning a championship, it's clear that the players want to be equally involved in keeping the focus on what's going on outside the bubble.

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B__ch A__ White Boy is another saying that has spoken louder than anything Harrell can where on his jersey. The hypocrisy is speaking very loud as Harrell, Doc Rivers, The Clippers players (every one of them), their front office, The NBA Front Office, players and organizations (all the teams, front offices and players) pretend it didn't even happen. What a racist league the NBA has become.


I'm so glad the NBA is letting them use their platforms in this way. It's definitely a step in the right direction!