Should the LA Clippers Design a New Logo?

The Los Angeles Rams debuted their new logo on Monday. Is it time for the LA Clippers to create one as well?
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The NFL's Los Angeles Rams debuted an all-new logo and color scheme on Monday, which got us thinking — when will the LA Clippers get a redesign?

The Clippers have only had a few different logos since moving to Los Angeles in 1984. The original logo, seen here, looked nearly identical to the 2010 redesign, which remained unchanged until 2015. That was when the brand transitioned into what it is now, and what it will be for the foreseeable future.

However, there are big changes on the horizon for the franchise. With the addition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers have become a legitimate Finals contender for the first time in history. Additionally, the franchise is planning a move to Inglewood into an all-new arena in 2024 — where they will finally be separate from the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Those are two dramatic, culture-shifting changes that have distanced and will continue to distance the team from its former mediocrity. 

The current logo has been around for five seasons now, and while that's not necessarily a long time, it represents the team's past. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are all linked to it, as are the years between the Lob City era and now. 

Therefore, a logo change seems like a smart choice — even if it's just a few tweaks. 

The City Edition jerseys are the closest the Clippers have come to a full-blown redesign, and each edition has generally been well-received by fans. This year's version, which gives a nod to LA's street culture, has shown up everywhere. That design may not be a bad place to start.

There has never been this much optimism surrounding the LA Clippers. Capitalizing on that would not only be a smart business decision, but it would be the perfect opportunity to give the Clippers a new identity to go along with the team's new and improved roster.