Patrick Beverley Beats Hassan Whiteside in Round One of NBA 2K20 Tournament

Garrett Chorpenning

Patrick Beverley is a ruthless competitor. Always has been, always will be. And in his 84-54 win over Hassan Whiteside in the first round of the NBA 2K20 Players Tournament, Beverley didn't hold back.

The trash talk started before the game even began. Whiteside chose to play as the Los Angeles Lakers, and Beverley countered with the Milwaukee Bucks. Whiteside asked why he didn't choose his L.A. Clippers and was met with an on-brand answer.

"I'm saving the Clippers for the championship," he said.

Surprisingly, Beverley toned down the chatter as soon as the game began. Save for a few quick lines, he was silent throughout the first quarter. It wasn't until he built a 10-point lead in the second that he started to loosen up.

From there, Beverley completely took over, riding the wave of his own energy. He blew open what was a close game early, getting louder and louder with each possession. When his lead grew to 15, he jumped out of his chair, flexed his muscles and began shouting at Whiteside.

"Stop playing with me man," he said. "I'm unstoppable."

Beverley was dominant the rest of the way through, never ceasing to throw an insult at Whiteside. By the time the third quarter came to a close, Beverley had already built a 69-38 lead.

Things were neck-and-neck in the final minutes of the game, but Beverley had already won by then. He did, however, have a few goals to live up to.

Before the game, Beverley predicted that he would win by at least 30 points. And for the last two minutes, Beverley repeatedly said that he was going to hold Whiteside's team to 55 points or less.

He delivered on both promises.

With the win, Beverley will advance to the next round of the tournament awaiting either Andre Drummond or DeMarcus Cousins.

Montrezl Harrell, who is also in the tournament, will play Domantas Sabonis in his first-round matchup on Sunday.