Patrick Beverley Says He's Waiting to Return to LA Clippers' Practice Facility

Patrick Beverley joined Scott Van Pelt to discuss his thoughts on the NBA and the coronavirus pandemic.
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The LA Clippers' training facility has been open for 10 days now, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's being widely used. Patrick Beverley, for example, says he still hasn't been back.

Beverley joined Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter on Wednesday night and talked about why he's being especially cautious with his return to team facilities.

"Oh, I'm not— I'm not in the building, I tell you that," Beverley said. "I'm gonna wait until we find out some more important details about exactly what's going on before I, you know, put my family's safety at risk by going to the facility... It's the cleanest place in L.A., but I don't know if I'm just ready yet. You know I'm eager to play, I'm ready to play, excited to play. I just want things to kinda calm down a little bit more, kinda go back to normal before we get to jump in cold tubs and hot tubs."

Beverley added that most people feel the way he does about the issue, and while he knows some players are practicing right now, his comfort level just isn't there yet.

In true Pat fashion, Beverley also told Van Pelt that he's "locked-in" and discussed the mindset he's had throughout this process.

"Basketball is not an on and off thing," he said. "It's a lifestyle. I created this lifestyle for me and I've been wanting it ever since."

The aggressive point guard has played a big role for the Clippers this season after agreeing to a three-year deal worth $40 million last summer. Along with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, he's helped lead a defense that ranks among the top five in the NBA.

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