Reggie Jackson Details his Mental Approach to the NBA

Garrett Chorpenning

NBA players have all sorts of avenues by which they can improve their performance, both on and off the court. For LA Clippers guard Reggie Jackson, meditation is what helps bring his game to the next level. 

In a video released by the team on Tuesday, Jackson discusses how the practice has helped in his approach to the mental side of basketball. 

"I think meditation just brings a sound mind for myself. I'm at peace when I'm on the court. I don't really view things as good, as bad, just accept things as they are. I just listen to the inner me. It's like a self-dialogue, you're really becoming aware of where you're at in the moment. I feel more calm, I feel more awake, alert. I want to continue to live in that zone... I practice being in the here and now. I don't really delve too much on the past."

It's hard to say if meditation is the main reason for it, but Jackson has been a revelation since he joined the Clippers in February. 

Through nine games (an admittedly small sample size), Jackson is averaging 9.4 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 19.4 minutes per contest. To top it off, he's shooting a career-high 39.8% from beyond the arc on the season and 45.2% with the Clippers.

Fans were skeptical of his fit with the team given LA's abundance of ball-dominant guards, but if anything, Jackson's presence has made the bench even better. Improved spacing and movement were evident before the season came to a halt, and his pairing alongside Lou Williams has worked in both players' favor so far. 

Time will tell if Jackson truly makes the Clippers better, but for now, it seems like his approach to the game has made a difference.

LA's first game of the resumed NBA season — a scrimmage with the Orlando Magic — will take place on July 22. 

Check out Jackson's full video below.