Lou Williams on returning to Basketball: "In this climate...it's a distraction"

Lou Williams believes basketball could serve as a distraction to something bigger.
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A week ago, the NBA was all but set to return. Every single NBPA rep signed off on the return, and the deal was essentially done. Within the span of a week, something happened. A doubt was created, and that doubt led to players questioning if returning was a responsible move to make during this current climate.

Lou Williams took to Instagram to voice his concern:

"We are fighting for a radical change. Sports has been a healing factor, there we agree. In this climate...it's a distraction. I mean look at your position. You're dying to get back in the house and drink a beer and watch us hoop opposed to being outside fighting for your equality. That's just one aspect to look at."

Looking at it from that perspective, Lou Williams clearly has a point. There's also a point to be made from the other perspective. Many people have been going through an incredibly dark time during the quarantine, and basketball would alleviate some of that pain. At the same time, playing basketball will surely reduce numbers in the streets protesting. It can be argued that those who are willing to stop protesting for basketball, would be willing to stop for anything else.

Despite his statement, Lou Williams hinted that he still plans on finishing up the season.

It's a very tough time for NBA players. In a league that's predominantly African American, there is a certain responsibility on them, that no other sports league has right now. There is going to be backlash no matter what position they take.

As it is with almost everything in life, the decision will ultimately come down to money. The NBA will lose over $1 billion if the season is canceled, and there will unforeseen financial consequences moving forward. It would be a good bet to assume that the NBA season will still happen.