Lou Williams is "50/50" on an NBA return

Lou Williams doesn't want an NBA return to be a distraction from something greater.

Some NBA players are legitimately torn about returning to play basketball. There is a real fear that returning to play will distract from the massive civil rights movement going on in the United States. That's the biggest fear on Lou Williams' mind.

In an interview with CoStar, the reigning sixth man of the year discussed his concerns with returning to play.

"I think for us, the only benefit of us not playing is to keep the focus on the fight," Williams said.

One of the big details Williams directly addressed, that very few people are, is the fact that an NBA return is six weeks from now. We have no idea what the social climate will be like, the news cycle, or just how much damage the country is going to have from COVID-19. With the way things are going, it wouldn't be a surprise to see parts of America shut down again, dominating the news cycle.

"This is in six weeks," Williams said. "We don’t know what it looks like in six weeks. In six weeks the world may need some healing. They may need us to be on the floor." 

However, if the fight for racial injustice continues to see more black citizens of America hung from trees with more unjust deaths, then Williams may have to take a stand. If the situation doesn't improve six weeks from now, it'll be hard to convince the "Underground GOAT" to play.

"If more black kids, more black adults, or any adults that’s dealing with police brutality are getting killed and we’re still outraged, I don’t know if it’s in our best interests to suit up because it looks like we don’t care," Williams said. "You know what I mean? It’s just a fine balance we’re trying to create."

Finding that balance is the hardest part of an NBA return. The difficulty in finding that balance is why it's so difficult for Lou Williams to commit to a decision. In the upcoming days, he'll be figuring out ways to maximize his voice as an NBA player. Until then, Sweet Lou isn't 100% sure if an NBA return is the best option.