Montrezl Harrell says Clippers didn't want him

Harrell says the Lakers made him feel wanted, but the Clippers didn't.
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The most shocking move of the NBA free agency was Montrezl Harrell leaving the Clippers to join the Lakers. The entire basketball world was stunned, with many Clipper fans feeling double-crossed. Harrell says that wasn't the case.

Harrell spoke to the media for the very first time since joining the Lakers, and all ears were ready to hear his thoughts about leaving the Clippers for the Lakers.

When asked if the Clippers wanted him back, Harrell didn't mince any words.

"Apparently not, if I’m on the other side," Harrell stated.

In his own words, Harrell said he wanted to re-sign with the Clippers. It all boiled down to the organization not wanting him back. 

With everything coming in place, it didn't take long for Harrell to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. He said the whole process happened rather quickly, but for him, the most important thing was to feel wanted. 

The entire situation is a very interesting one. There is genuine sorrow in Harrell's voice as he speaks about the Clippers not wanting him. At the same time, sources in the team confirmed to Sports Illustrated that Clipper players were shocked once he signed with the Lakers. Adding to that, all signs point to Harrell's camp being the ones who leaked drama within the Clippers once they were eliminated. It would be safe to assume that signing Serge Ibaka as the backup center was an off-season priority for the LA Clippers, and that comes at the expense of Harrell.

Fingers will definitely be pointed on both sides, and fans may never learn the true story. One thing is certain though, the next Clippers vs Lakers game is going to be must-see TV.