Morris Sr. on Clippers Shooting Stat: 'Damn, That's a Real Number?'

The LA Clippers forward can't believe how many of their 3's are wide open.
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Marcus Morris Sr. was shocked to learn that an astounding 87% of the Clippers’ 3-point attempts are unguarded.

“Damn, that’s a real number?” the Clippers forward asked in response to the stat. “87% of are threes are wide open?”

It's actually 82.7%, but it's still an astounding stat. As NBA offenses have shifted towards valuing the three-point shot more and more every year, opposing defenses are paying equal attention to guarding these shooters. To give up that many open threes, especially to a squad that has as many snipers as the Clippers do, should be considered malpractice for teams. Morris Sr. offered a theory on why he and his teammates are getting so many easy looks.

“I mean I think that goes to show how hard it is to stop Kawhi [Leonard] and [Paul George], and how well they’re playing. You have to load to them guys. S--t, 90% of our threes are open, there’s a reason why. I think those guys are doing a great job of attacking and coming off of it when they’re getting double-teamed.”

When told that the Clippers are also on pace to be the best 3-point shooting team in NBA history, Morris Sr. responded with caution.

“Don’t jinx it, but I hope so,” he said.

The Clippers are shooting a ridiculous 43.3% from beyond the arc. Even if the Clippers are getting good looks, this level of accuracy is likely unsustainable. What will truly define this team is how they adjust and sustain their offensive prowess once their 3-point shooting falls back to Earth. Where else can they find reliable offense, and can they use their defensive length and versatility to create easy transition baskets? These are questions the Clippers will inevitably have to grapple with, but for now, they can continue to bask in this historic stretch.