Patrick Beverley Takes a Shot at Jared Dudley on Twitter

Farbod Esnaashari

Patrick Beverley wants all the smoke. It isn't just a statement. Patrick Beverley will talk trash at any and all comers. 

Jared Dudley voiced his concerns about potential soft tissue injuries if the NBA hastily returns, and Beverley wasn't having it.

To Patrick Beverley, basketball is about staying ready. He's spent his whole career trying to prove that he belongs, and continues to have the same mindset today. It's a contagious energy among his teammates, but also very intense. If someone looks like they're slacking, Beverley will jump on them immediately. That's the never-ending battle of a man who permanently has a chip on his shoulder.

On July 2, 2019, Patrick Beverley went on Sportscenter, and said "I want all the smoke." Nearly one year later, that statement hasn't changed today. Since that time, he's taken nearly every challenge. He's taken the challenge of guarding LeBron James, and successfully did so on Christmas Day. He's taken offense at people comparing him Marcus Smart, and Matthew Dellavedova. That's who Patrick Beverley is.

There isn't a player in the NBA that embodies the idea of "a player you love on your team, but hate to play against" more than Patrick Beverley. He's the supreme definition of an agitator, on and off the court. Fans can see it on the court, on Twitter, and even during NBA2k tournaments. Like a wrestling character staying in character, Patrick Beverley is always unapologetically Patrick Beverley.

If there's anything this interaction should get fans hyped for, it should be "what is Patrick Beverley's trash talk going to be like in an empty arena?" Prepare for absolute madness.

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Can't wait to hear the amount of trash talking that bev will lay out on the silent courts

Garrett Chorpenning
Garrett Chorpenning


I really hope we can hear the trash talk once things pick back up in Orlando. Pat is so entertaining