Paul George confirms Pacers killed potential trade for Anthony Davis

Paul George and Anthony Davis had talks to be a duo in Indiana.
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One of the biggest reasons why Paul George wanted to leave the Indiana Pacers was because they didn't want to trade for Anthony Davis.

In an interview on the "All The Smoke" podcast, George spilled all the details on why he wanted to leave the Indiana Pacers.

George's biggest reason for leaving Indiana was his perception that they weren't committing to winning. That perception was created because the Pacers didn't want to trade for Anthony Davis. According to George, both he and Davis were in talks to make a power duo in Indiana.

"We had a top-three player in the league at this time, power forward, that I was trying to get to come to Indy - he wanted to come," George said. "I bring it to the front office, they deaded it. It was AD. Me and AD talked. AD wanted to come to Indy, close to Chicago."

George says the Pacers couldn't commit to the deal because they were a small market. Shortly thereafter, the front office came to him with other players in mind.

"They called me up like, 'we got this player and we looking at that player,'" George said. "With these two players, we not winning with these two guys that they named."

That was the final straw that made George request a trade from Indiana, and the rest became history. From Indiana, to Oklahoma City, to Los Angeles, to a five year deal with the LA Clippers. This was the domino effect that led Paul George to wanting to "retire with the Clippers."