It is officially that time of the NBA offseason when social media likes are grounds for speculation. As free agency dries up, and teams begin finalizing their rosters, there are always a few looming moves that seem to always drag into the late months of summer. In the case of this offseason, two of those situations are John Wall and Ben Simmons.

Both point guards are widely expected to be on new teams next season; however, their large contracts have complicated the trade logistics. Coincidentally, both players have been linked to the Clippers, and both players were spotted in Los Angeles this past weekend at the same venue as Paul George.

On Friday afternoon, a video of John Wall and Paul George together in Los Angeles surfaced on Twitter. It is unclear if the two were actually with one another, or just at the same venue coincidentally, but both Wall and George have spoken of their close friendship over the years. Ben Simmons was also spotted at the Los Angeles venue, but he was seemingly with a different crowd unrelated to George or Wall.

Of course, the video got posted all over social media, and ultimately caught the attention of LA Clippers big man Serge Ibaka. Serge liked this post on Instagram from @sidelinesources that showed Wall and George together:


Wall is currently owed $91M over the next two seasons, and reportedly has no plans of pursuing a buyout with the Houston Rockets. Unless things change on that front, the Clippers would need to part with multiple rotation players in order to make the financial logistics work in a trade for John Wall.

If the trade market for Wall becomes dry, he could opt to pursue a buyout with the Houston Rockets, which would allow him to choose his next team without forcing them to gut their roster in a trade. Perhaps this has been discussed between him and George, or perhaps the two were just enjoying a night out in Los Angeles together.

Whatever the case may be, it is officially that time of the offseason where this stuff becomes newsworthy.