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After a couple of sightings of Tony Allen wearing Memphis Hustle practice gear, Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins ended the speculation by officially announcing that former Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen will be serving as a player development coach with the Grizzlies' G-League affiliate.

Coach Jenkins was asked about the situation before the team's Friday night matchup with the Cleveland Cavaliers and he was thrilled to share the news.

"Yeah, I'm super excited!" Coach Jenkins said when asked about Allen's relationship with the team. "At the start of the year, Tony came to us talking about obviously his passion for this organization.  We sat down and he talked about how much he can't wait to get back.  We tried to find a good opportunity.  It took us some time to kind of figure out what makes sense.  But this allows him to dive right into player development a - which he is passionate about."

Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins On Tony Allen Serving As A Player Development Coach With The Memphis Hustle.

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"We thought that the Memphis Hustle would be a good avenue for him," Jenkins would add.  "He knows the game.  He loves the game.  He'd be a great teacher of the game, with the things that he does on his own, but to give back to the team that meant so much to him, is going to be awesome to have him in the fold."

Allen's high energy and effort were contagious on the court, so it would come to no one's surprise if it continues to rub off on the players with the Hustle.  Who knows? Maybe one day we might see Coach Tony Allen on the sidelines with the Memphis Grizzlies implementing his team with "the heart of a champion."