Young To Play in Rising Stars Game

Ben Ladner

In addition to making his first All Star appearance this season, Trae Young will also participate in the Rising Stars game at All-Star weekend in February, the league announced today. Young is also considering doing the 3-Point Contest and Skill Challenge, which would give him quite the packed schedule for the weekend. 

Young tallied 25 points and 10 assists in the Rising Stars game and finished second in the Skills Challenge last year. The Rising Stars takes place on Friday, February 14 and will be divided into U.S. and World teams, with Young headlining the U.S. squad and fellow 2018 draftee Luka Donćić leading the World side. Both players were also selected as starters in the All Star game, which could limit their minutes in the far less prestigious Rising Stars game. 

rising stars 2
Rising Stars U.S. Team
rising stars west
Rising Stars World Team

Should Young take part in the 3-Point or Skills Competitions, he will have participated in each night of All-Star weekend, and Lloyd Pierce says he wants his star to be careful about overexerting himself during the break. 

"The biggest concern now is just don't do too much," Pierce said. "How do we get the young fella some rest. It sounds like this weekend's going to be pretty packed. ... Part of growing up as a star in the league is, can you balance the nightly production with the daily obligations that a star is forced to handle?" 

For that, Young had a simple answer: "I'm 21," he said. "I think the adrenaline still gets me going, and I think that's why I'm able to play so many minutes. I'm able to enjoy everything I have going on because I'm still young and it's still pretty new to me." 

Though Young will represent the Hawks several times at All-Star weekend, Atlanta won't have any other participants due to their poor record and relative lack of firepower around Young. And while he is excited about participating fully in the weekend's activities, Young also lamented the exclusion of his teammates from the festivities. 

"Obviously I'm blessed and I'm excited to be able to go and compete again and be a Rising Star on Friday night," he said. "A little frustrated we didn't get at least one other guy on our team in the game. I think what Kev's been doing all year, what 'Dre's been doing, what Cam's been doing as of late, our team is full of Rising Stars. For us not to be able to get at least two in is frustrating for me, but again, I'm blessed to be able to go out and I'm going to try and represent our team in the best way."