Former Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Starts Record Label

After blood clots ended his career prematurely, Chris Bosh is enjoying life after basketball
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Former Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh's NBA playing days ended during the 2015-16 season when blood clots prematurely closed his career. 

After years of making moves on the basketball court, Bosh is now busy working in recording studios. He recently talked with Austin Weekly about his budding hip-hop record label

“Prior to my health issues, I’d never thought about what came after basketball," Bosh told the magazine. "It was daunting, but I knew I had to get out of my own skin and push myself,” the 36-year-old says. “Before long, I was taking blues guitar lessons and trying to produce beats. I just got deeper and deeper.”

Bosh, who now lives in Austin, Texas, named the label "Daddy Jack Records." A Dallas native, he has worked mostly with local talent. Last year, he worked on a project with Austin rapper Deezie Brown. 

Bosh, who won two championships in four Finals appearances with the Heat, said the challenge of starting a record label is similar to basketball.  

“People watch basketball and think, `The Heat have two days off before their next game,"' Bosh told the magazine. "In reality, though, we have practice, treatments, meetings, media appearances…Even on game days, you’re spending six-to-eight hours in the gym beforehand,” he says. “The games were the show, but in order to perform, there were these deep arts we had to perfect. The same thing goes for music.”

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