Miami Heat's Goran Dragic playing it safe during coronavirus outbreak

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic is following all precautions during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dragic spoke with reporters Tuesday for the first time since the NBA suspended the season March 11 because of the crisis. He said he has kept to himself during the quarantine period.

"The tough part is it's different every time when you go to the store, you're a little bit afraid," Dragic said on a conference call. "You have those crazy thoughts: What if you catch something and bring it back home? But so far, we're cautious, we disinfect all the stuff. We are isolated at home. We don't go out. So we have managed."

Dragic, a native of Slovenia, said he was unsure if he would return to his country this year because of the crisis. He usually visits family at least once a year. Now, that's not a guarantee.

"This would be the first time," he said. "But it's a crazy time, crazy situation right now with this virus. And, yeah, I'm here to do my job. If the NBA is going to continue to play games, whenever that's going to start, I'm going to be here. So, you know, as long as everybody's safe, yeah, it's going to be a little bit different if I don't go home."

Dragic has kept a close eye on his relatives. His brother, Zoran, a former Heat player, is in the middle of a government-ordered 20-day quarantine in a hotel in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

“It’s tough,” Dragic said. "It’s tough because my brother was stuck in Spain and his family was back in Slovenia, and my parents were here. So the last few days, they flew back home, because they have to. The government said that all the Slovenian citizens need to get back. But my situation is different, because here is my home, we have health insurance in America and we're not thinking to go home. So we're going to stay here."

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