Have the Miami Heat Improved During Three-Winning Streak?

The Miami Heat have won three straight games for the first time this season
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“It has been an extraordinary experience and we are all growing from this. I just really commend the group for the mental stability and toughness to be able to stay the course. You just continue to try to get better. We have a very tough-minded group. If anyone can handle all these tough things that have happened, it is this group.”

Guard Tyler Herro: “I think with what Spo said, we can see us continue to get better. There was a lot of moving parts for a few weeks there with injuries and COVID protocols, things like that. We’re just slowly getting everyone back. We still don’t have everyone. We’re just continuing to build each day. All we can do is continue to build and get ready for the playoffs. That’s when winning really matters.”

Forward Jimmy Butler: “I just care about winning. Good defense, good offense, bad whatever. Just find a way to win the game. But I like how hard we’re playing. I think we can still go up another notch, second efforts, getting the ball when it’s on the floor or whenever it’s in the air. I think that’s who we are supposed to be and who we say that we are. We just have to get back to playing incredibly hard. We’re going to have to win some games just because we play hard.”

Center Bam Adebayo: “Overall, our turnovers are down. We are getting to the free throw line more. The biggest thing is turnovers. If you turn the ball over, you can’t get offense and they just get easy baskets in the transition.”

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