Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler on Boston Celtics: "They Got Some Really, Really Good Players, As Do We"

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler has never been one to hold back words. 

The Heat have two All-Stars. The Boston Celtics have All-Stars. So Butler sees their matchup in the Eastern Conference finals as a winnable series for the Heat.

"I think every round, every game that we go into, there may be a different scouting report, a different scheme that goes into it," Butler said. "Yea, they got some really, really good players, as do we. I still believe we you can't be too focused in on them. We've got to worry about what we can do and play our best style of basketball on both ends of the floor. That's what we've been doing all year long. That's what we're going to continue to do."

The series opens Tuesday in Orlando. This is the first time the teams have met at this stage since 2012. The Heat are in 8-1 in the postseason and will have had a week off while the Celtics concluded a seven-game series against the Toronto Raptors Friday. 

"We take it a day at a time right now," Butler said. "We damn sure have to take it a game at a time. We can't get too far ahead and thinking, `four more, we're on that, eight more we're more on to that. We've got to get that first one. We've got to get the second one. Right now, we're just worried about today. We'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here."

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Shandel Richardson
Shandel Richardson


The Heat always come to play in the playoffs. Erik Spoelstra rarely enters a series with an unprepared team.


The Heat can beat Boston if the come to play.