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Jimmy Butler's Message To His Miami Heat Teammates Entering Second Round: "I Don't Ever Want Us To Get Comfortable"

After sweeping the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat searching for the next level for the Eastern Conference semifinals

The Miami Heat have no concerns about entering the Eastern Conference semifinals with overconfidence.

Forward Jimmy Butler won't allow it.

After an impressive 4-0 sweep in the first round against the Indiana Pacers, it's on to the next challenge.

"Without a doubt, we're confident," Butler said. "I don't ever want us to get comfortable. I want us to keep getting better every single day, every single possession. I think we're capable of doing it. The biggest thing is everybody cares, everybody wants to be great. Everybody wants everybody else to succeed, including themselves. We just got a helluva coaching staff that has us prepared for anything at all moments of the game. When you put all that together, we don't got no choice but to get better."

The Heat are looking to reach an even higher level after making quick work of the Pacers. It was hard to find any negatives in that series, other than defeating a shorthanded team. They Pacers were without All-Star Domantas Sabonis and guard Jeremy Lamb, who were sidelined with injuries.

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"One hundred percent, I think our team can get to another gear," center Bam Adebayo said. "That's for everybody. Everybody's got to pick it up. This next series might be different. We might have to have different schemes than this series. Everybody's just got to be locked in and prepare for this series."

The Heat will face either the Milwaukee Bucks or Orlando Magic in the next round. The Bucks can clinch their series Wednesday in Game 5.

"I'm excited for whoever we play in that next series," Adebayo said. "If we play Milwaukee, we're just going to get geared up and get ready for that matchup."

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