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The Miami Heat will be without center Bam Adebayo for at least four weeks because of thumb surgery. 

There is also no timetable when forward Jimmy Butler (tailbone) and Markief Morris (neck) return from their injuries. Although guard Tyler Herro remains healthy, the absences mean guard Kyle Lowry will have to up his game if the Heat are to maintain during this stretch. 

“We have to change some stuff," Lowry said. "Not change things, but just adjust, adapt. It’s a big thing when you lose a guy like Bam. Jimmy has been out also. You have two guys out [like that] and you just have to focus a little more and focus on the details of everything. You have to be really locked into everything and honed in fully."

Lowry is arguably the Heat's biggest impact player in terms of experience, winning a championship with the Toronto Raptors in 2019. He said it will also come down to the coaching staff to help them get through the next 15-20 games. Lowry had just seven points and four assists in the Heat's loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday, but more is needed the next few weeks. 

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“Bam is on the bench [each game]. Jimmy is still [in communication], but it’s not weird," Lowry said. "It’s just one of those things where we have a great, full coaching staff and got some other leaders and veterans on our team. So we’re good.”

The Heat return to action Friday against the Indiana Pacers. 

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