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The Miami Heat brought in veteran guard Kyle Lowry for his ability to facilitate. 

They also signed him last offseason for his scoring. And leadership. And championship pedigree. 

But, mostly importantly, Lowry is on the roster for wins. That's all Heat team president Pat Riley cares about his latest free agent acquisition. They hope to see a mix of his talents on game nights but they also want the victories to pile.  

“You get his brain to go with his body," Riley said Tuesday during his preseason media availability. "He’s very unselfish. There’s going to be nights he’s going to score a little bit more and there’s going to be nights when he’s going to distribute... It doesn’t make a difference to him, or me, or Erik as long as we’re winning games.”

The Heat are counting on Lowry's experience to help make last year's first-round loss in the playoffs to the Milwaukee Bucks a distant memory. In just a few weeks, Lowry has already made an impact. Recently, teammate Jimmy Butler revealed his nickname for Lowry is "Kyle Chaos" because of the furious pace he pushes the ball up the court. 

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He’s looking to just launch it up the floor anyways,” Butler said. “So you’ve got to love and respect him for it. Sometimes, I was just trying to take a break and sit in the corner. Not with him as your point guard.”

The Heat get their first look at Lowry in the season opener Thursday against the defending champion Bucks. 

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