There was a time the Miami Heat would have folded in this situation. 

But as the season has progressed, the Heat have learned to close out games. That was the case  in Sunday's 102-97 victory against the Orlando Magic. 

“We’ve been in a lot of these, quote, unquote, these clutch games, where it’s going down the stretch the last six minutes, possession game, and we’ve really worked at it,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “But tonight, in particular, I thought on the road we showed rock-solid stability.”

Jimmy Butler led the Heat with 29 points, nine assists, seven rebounds and five steals, continuing his solid all around play. It was the Heat's fourth straight win.

“He has very disciplined gambles and I know that’s counterintuitive, but Jimmy’s a disciplined team defender’’ Spoelstra said of Butler. “He has a knack, that super-high IQ and that cat quickness that you can’t teach, and it surprises everybody.”

Here's what the rest of the Heat players had to say about the victory: 

Guard Tyler Herro: “It shows our grit. We know how to persevere, and we never give up.”

Forward Kelly Olynyk: “I mean it’s fun when you find ways to pull it out. "Earlier in the season, we were finding ourselves on the other side of it.”

The Heat return to action Tuesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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