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Miami Heat team president Pat Riley offered his thoughts on the team's moves just before the trading deadline. 

Last Thursday night he spoke on acquiring Victor Oladipo from the Houston Rockets. 

“I think Victor Oladipo will give us an entirely different kind of player than we have on our team," Riley said. "Victor gives you a slasher, and a runner, and a quick player, he’s a scorer."

Riley said the move should give them a better chance of making some noise in the postseason. Oladipo is a two-time All-Star. 

“I think we kept everything that we needed in the cupboard, to cover our defense and our offense and special situations," Riley said. "We’ve got defenders. We’ve got shooters. We’ve got slashers. We’ve got leaders who can make plays.”

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Riley also said he has no plans of moving Tyler Herro or Duncan Robinson. Both were rumored to be on the trading block. 

“You can’t let go of those two assets, you can’t, because they could become truly great," Riley said. They’re very, very good players right now, and I think they’re probably a year or two away from making what their early max could be from a production standpoint. So I’d hate to have that come back at us if we were to do something and try to move them. But we’re not going to. So from that standpoint, what happened today is you’re going to see Duncan, you’re going to see Tyler.”

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