Miami Heat's Tyler Herro Has Been a Pain For His Home State of Wisconsin

Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro faces the hometown Milwaukee Bucks twice this week
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Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro first upset his home state when he passed on playing for the University of Wisconsin Badgers in college.

Now, he’s hurting the locals as a professional basketball player. Herro will play the first of two consecutive games against the Milwaukee Bucks starting Tuesday. The teams meet again Wednesday on the second night of the back-to-back.

“I would probably say they don’t like me too much back home,” Herro said. “Some people aren’t my biggest fans. It doesn’t make it too hard to go back home. I’m home, so I’m able to go home. Some people probably don’t have the best feelings toward me.”

Herro initially committed to play at Wisconsin before changing to Kentucky at the last minute. He received death threats after making the decision. Last year Herro upset the state again after helping lead the Heat past the top-seeded Bucks in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

While Herro still has love for his home state, he is transitioning into a South Floridian. He is set to make his third straight start of the season. 

“For me, my friends, my family, myself, we all grew up as Bucks fans just being in the hometown,” Herro said. “I think my friends have converted into Miami Heat fans and I’ve done the same obviously. We’re not too big on Milwaukee anymore.” 

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