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A-Z of Eric Collins Best Quotes - Power Ranked

Revealed! The top 10 best quotes from Eric Collins

The only consistent part of watching a Hornets broadcast over the past 7 years is Eric Collins who has emerged into one of the leagues most beloved play by play announcers. Collins had BIG shoes to fill after legendary broadcaster Steve Martin retired in 2015.

Collins delivers the best one liners in the league, so over the past Season I decided to compile an exhaustive list of every funny quote from Eric Collins. With the help of our contributors at All Hornets I've now power ranked these quotes from best to worst. 

I rank the top 10 in detail with some commentry, before listing the remaining quotes. I also sneaked a Dell Curry quote who once mirrored his broadcasting partner by throwing out a metaphor, can you spot it?

1st = "Tougher than woodpecker lips" It feels like Cody Martin receives this beloved phrase more than most on the Hornets

2nd = "Plum-diddily-dee/Hum-diddly-dee" Merging Plumlee's second name and Collins' signature catchphrase "Hum-diddly-dee" was simple but genius at the same time.

3rd = "PJ get your jammies on!" Only used once from memory, why this works for a basketball game I don't know but it just hits right.

4th = "Confused as a goat on Astro Turf " It takes you a second to picture it, when you do you can't help but chuckle. 

5th = "With the guts of a cat burgler!" Often used following an exciting steal or brave moment, Collins delivery is always exquisite.

6th = "Hotter than fish grease" Normally a positive sign that Terry or LaMelo has caught fire from beyond the arc.

7th = "Tougher than a $2 dollar steak" With inflation it might be a three dollar steak this year. Feels like in Collins world Woodpecker lips are reserved for the toughest moments, but that's up for debate.

8th = "Fell apart like a $3 dollar suitcase" This is normally reserved for the opposing team, but feels like it could often be used for Charlotte whenever they jump out to an early lead.

9th = "Hotter/Stronger than 10 rows of onion" Depending on the day Collins changes the start, this was often heard more in past seasons when Bismack Biyombo was on the team.

10th = "More rejections than the Harvard law school" Get ready to hear this one a little more with Mark Williams. Maybe a Harvard-esq nickname could be on the cards?

11th "Tougher than a one eared alley cat"

12th "Good things happen when you’re nice to your mamma"

13th "With grit in his eye and gravel in his guts"

14th "With the swagger of a Nascar veteran"

15th "Like a mad dog in a meat market"

16th "Harder than putting socks on a rooster"

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17th "Quicker than a small town rumor"

18th "Tougher than walrus gristle"

19th "Hotter than a fur coat in Phoenix"

20th "Bottom of the well"

21st "Tougher than a New York Times crossword puzzle"

22nd "Quicker than a hiccup"

23rd "Harrell flosses with barbed wire"

24th "As hot as Amarillo in August"

25th "Stronger than a brand new rope"

26th "Stronger than bears breath"

27th "Stronger than Herculeeees"

28th "A Meatloaf special (2/3 aint bad)"

29th "Brothers in the NBA, who would have thought?"

30th "Hotter than a pepper sprout"

31st "Strong like a bull"

If you think we missed any please tweet us them at @All_Hornets. If reading this has made you miss hearing Eric Collins' dulcet tones simply watch a video of his best calls below.

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