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LaMelo Ball is thrilled after receiving 'great news' about his wrist

The Charlotte Hornets rookie said Tuesday he's already started working on his return to the court

Once his right wrist collided with the Staples Center floor, LaMelo Ball could tell something was wrong. He just didn't believe it was overly serious. 

"I remember going to the basket and then I kind of just stumbled on my foot and fell backwards," the Charlotte Hornets rookie said Tuesday, speaking for the first time since his injury. "And when I went to fall on my hands the wrist just bent back in a weird way."

But he tried to gut it out regardless. He thought he was fine.

"Pretty much right when it happened, I was like, ‘Ah,’" Ball said. "But I thought it was just like a sprain, you know, not nothing too big. So I’m like, ‘I’m just going to finish the game out, probably ice it after the game, be cool for the next one.' But it started just (getting) irritating more and more. I still didn’t think it was broke. I never thought it was. So I just kept playing until they said, 'Nah, you're done.'"

Ball was yanked from the game in the third quarter and after undergoing tests at the arena in Los Angeles, he was initially diagnosed with soreness in his right wrist. He was originally listed as probable for the Hornets' March 22 matchup with the San Antonio Spurs. When he had further imaging and tests done in San Antonio on March 21, a fracture was discovered.

The results were forwarded Dr. Michelle Carlson, a specialist in New York who's renowned for her knowledge of hand injuries. Surgery was recommended and he's been out since the procedure was completed March 23.  

After being re-examined Monday in New York, the very place the Hornets are staying for their game against the Knicks on Tuesday night, Ball was given the go-ahead to begin individual basketball activities. Of course, he's thrilled.

"Oh yeah, definitely a blessing," he said. "It was great news, so yeah I’m happy."

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Still, he stopped short of giving any kind of timeline when he'll be back on the floor. Per league sources, it should within the next two weeks if everything goes well.

He said the process to get back on the floor with his teammates is underway. Range of motion exercises were on the breakfast menu. 

"I’ve pretty much already started," Ball said. "This morning I had treatment, did a lot of stuff kind of. Trying too bend it down, bend it up. All the type of stuff."

Being allowed to do those types of things has Ball excited. Sitting out and having to view the action from the bench area -- or television for that matter was a different experience. He'd sometimes inject himself into the game in imaginary fashion, thinking about how he would hav reacted in certain situations.  

"Even watching them, it’s cool to watch," he said. "I don't really ever watch basketball. So seeing it like that, I mean it actually do look cool. So, it was nice to watch it."

The Hornets have done their best to hold on while Ball has been sidelined. They've gone 8-7 and are hovering right at .500 (28-28) leading into their game with New York.  

Ball didn't seem surprised.

"Yeah I’ve definitely got a competitive team, so I figured we would hang in there," Ball said. "We have a lot of tainted players and the whole team is together. So we are all playing for each other."