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Here's Why Jazz Bettors Should Take the Over on 25.5 Wins

Despite the question marks, the Utah Jazz are too talented to take the under on 25.5 wins.

According to DraftKings Sportsbook, the Utah Jazz's over/under for wins in the 2022-23 season has been set at 25.5. In the wake of Utah executive Danny Ainge trading superstars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, the team's odds have plummeted, and Las Vegas is always surprisingly accurate regarding these predictions. 

Jazz fans have argued over the past month about whether these odds are accurate. Most fans are optimistic that the team will carry the over. 

As rumors swirl around the Jazz's remaining veteran core, the organization could very well be looking at trading who remains and adding to their incredible draft stockpile, along with even more young talent. The Jazz will not be a good team this year, that is certain, but the oddsmakers set the team's over/under at 25.5 

Picking Utah to finish under 25.5 wins would be betting on the worst. Even with all the downsides to starting over with a new head coach and young roster, the Jazz still have a formidable young core that is worth a bet on the over. 

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30 wins is not an outrageous prediction for a young, hungry core and a new coach. The Jazz want to be bad enough to give themselves the right odds of winning a top lottery pick, and hopefully the No. 1 overall. But with the way the NBA has disincentivized tanking, the Jazz don’t have much to lose by trying to win a few more games.

The Jazz are a whole lot younger than they were a few months ago and some of their international talents such as Lauri Markkanen and Simone Fontecchio have been showing up big time in EuroBasket play. Couple that talent with the resurgence of Collin Sexton, who hasn’t seen the court in close to a year, and surely the Jazz will be ready to compete.

I see a team that is hungry to prove itself. If promising first-year head coach Will Hardy and his staff can get the most out of this young roster, the Jazz will win more games than expected. Bettors and fans should feel more confident about this team and consider punching the over for that 25.5 line.

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