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Nick Wright: 'Zero' People Believe the Jazz can Win a Championship

Nick Wright of 'First Things First' on FS1 mocked the Jazz following Utah's dominant victory over the Lakers.

On Wednesday night, the Utah Jazz handed the LA Lakers (who were not at full strength) their worst loss of the season. The win increased Utah's lead in the Western Conference Standings to 3.5 games. Despite their dominance this calendar year, Nick Wright of FS1's 'First Things First' mocked the Jazz on Thursday morning, saying "zero people believe" the Jazz can win a title: 

"I really think it is six teams that people are going to have more confidence in going into the playoffs." Wright explained. Wright went on to mock the Jazz saying, "Good for the Jazz, it's adorable. You're playing great. No one thinks you can win a championship, zero people believe that."

Some people will agree with Nick Wright, others will not. In this author's opinion, Wright's argument starts to unravel towards the end of the segment. He states that six or seven teams have a better chance to win a title than the Jazz, but only the Lakers and Clippers are more likely to win the West. So where are the other four or five teams coming from in the Eastern Conference? The East has the 76ers, Nets, and Bucks sitting at the top of the standings. After that, there is a major drop between the top three and the Pacers and Raptors who sit in the fourth and fifth spots. 

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According to Wright's logic, he gives the Raptors and Pacers a better chance of winning the NBA title than the Utah Jazz. That feels like a feeble argument to me, but the Jazz will have a chance to prove Wright either right or wrong in the Playoffs.

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