Alex Caruso On Garage Workouts, Cooking And Binging Shows

Jill Painter Lopez

Alex Caruso is spending plenty of time in his garage these days, working out with resistance bands, dribbling and jumping rope. 

NBA players who don’t have home gyms have gotten creative with their workouts ever since NBA commissioner Adam Silver suspended the season to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

In an interview with Mike Trudell on, Caruso detailed how he's been passing time during the NBA hiatus. 

“I do workouts at home in my garage. It’s pretty old school,” Caruso said. “Just a bunch of body weight stuff, some jump rope, and I have a good hill by me that I run up and down."

Caruso said he has limited equipment at his home, but is still managing to stay in shape. 

“The physical equipment I have at my house is four NBA basketballs, a jump rope and a multitude of resistance bands," Caruso said. "I’m considering getting some free weights, but you can get done what you need to do with dribbling a basketball and using some resistance...With the basketball, just maxing out dribbles by pounding the ball with resistance and the muscles react after a whole bunch of reps."

Caruso added that it's impossible to stay in perfect form without playing NBA games.   

"The biggest thing about now is that nobody is going to be where they were at when we stopped playing," Caruso said. "It’s about staying as close to normal as you can.”

Caruso said he lives by himself, so he’s been on his own for meals, too. He’s been trading off between takeout dinners and going to the store and cooking his own meals. 

“I’m doing my best,” Caruso said. “The hard thing is, we have such good food at the training facility, I naturally eat very healthy at the gym. Now without that, I’m having to find more meals, either making them or ordering food. Going to the grocery store and finding things is harder right now too, with everybody wiping through there. I’m also not burning as many calories as I typically have at this time of year, so it’s a little easier to maintain – I don’t have to eat as much food. So, just staying hydrated, and staying on as much of a normal diet as possible."

He’s also binge watching “The Office” and playing "Call of Duty" video games.