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Danny Green Takes Over JaVale McGee‘s Popular Vlog Inside The NBA Bubble

Green did a fine job filling in for McGee by taking fans to the barber shop, massage room, hotel room, a Lakers practice and more. He also lets fans in on his new hobby.

Danny Green took over JaVale McGee’s popular vlog inside the NBA bubble and he didn’t disappoint. 

McGee knocked on Green’s door and left his camera on the floor at about 8 a.m. in episode five of the vlog, “Life in the Bubble - Danny Green Takeover,” which came out Sunday morning. 

Green accepted the challenge. 

“Usually it’s the JaVale Show. Today it’s the DG show,” Green said. 

As Green got ready for his day, he realized doing an extra job had its disadvantages.  

“Little more weight now,” Green said of the camera he had to lug around. “Ready for battle. Mask on. Get ready for the day.”

Before leaving for Lakers practice, Green took his temperature and oxygen levels and recorded them in an app. 

Green showed his teammates taking halfcourt shots at practice. No one made one.

Green also showed himself getting COVID-19 tests with both mouth and nostril swabs. 

“Hopefully the camera don’t get the boogies,” he said.

He told his test taker, Ruth, that he was taking over McGee’s vlog, which has become well-known on the NBA campus at Walt Disney World near Orlando. 

“Make this [expletive] better than ever,” Green said.

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Green said he recently decided to pursue a new pastime inside the bubble. He's taking a Spanish class with an instructor named Eduardo.  

“Figured I’d pick up a hobby while I’ve got the downtime,” Green said. “So while I’m here, your boy might be learning some Spanish. Might come back influente [sic], if that’s even a word. I don’t think that’s a word. I’ll be speaking fluently, hopefully.”

Green also showed himself waiting for an Amazon package to arrive, something many Americans find themselves doing during the pandemic. 

“Need some cereal in this [expletive],” he said.

Green got ready for his own podcast, “Inside the Green Room with Danny Green,” but didn’t reveal his latest guest. 

Green then took fans along to what he called "the spa" so he could get a haircut. He decided he needed a pedicure too.  

“I need one of those badly. How do I sign up?” Green asked staffers.

Everything is by appointment and Green didn’t have one, so he just got a haircut and shave.

“Appreciate you making me look like a new man, my brother,” Green told his barber.

The team masseuse, Stacey Robinson, saw Green coming with the camera and said, “Oh God.” 

She later quipped that Green's haircut looked “halfway decent.” 

Green then picked up a dinner to-go of chicken parmesan and roasted branzino so he could attend his Spanish class. 

He ended the evening with a FaceTime with his fiancée before telling viewers: “Ha sido un placer” - it’s been a pleasure.