JaVale McGee Joins Steph Curry On NBA’s Instagram Live For Trivia, Fun

Jill Painter Lopez

Laker JaVale McGee joined Stephen Curry for a game of trivia on the NBA’s Instagram Live feed to kick off the weekend and it was as fun as you would expect. 

In addition to Curry and McGee, five other NBA players participated, including Warriors' Damion Lee, Kings' Kent Bazemore, Mavericks' Seth Curry, Magic's Mo Bamba and Spurs' Patty Mills.

Curry asked McGee questions such as what was Larry Bird’s jersey number, and McGee got that one right at No. 33. There were degrees of difficulty, and that was deemed a rookie-level question. Then Curry asked McGee if he knew his real first name, Wardell. McGee aced that question, too. 

McGee was sporting that usually thick beard, as was Curry. They joked the winner should have to shave his beard. 

Curry asked McGee who was famous for the finger wag after big blocks, and McGee obviously knew that was Dikembe Mutombo. He even did an impression complete with a “boom, boom, boom!” 

It’s been a great week for Curry, who has turned into quite the interviewer. Earlier this week on his own Instagram, which has 30 million followers, he interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading expert in the U.S. on infectious disease and a man many around the world have looked to for information on the COVID-19 pandemic.  

But Friday was about having some fun and providing fans a little entertainment during stay-at-home orders. 

The championship-round question for McGee, which stumped both him and Curry, was a multiple choice question on when the 24-second shot clock was introduced in the game. The correct answer was the 1954-55 season. 

Who knew? 

Neither of those guys. 

Fun was had by all. And McGee had this message for fans afterward. 

“I appreciate everybody for being fans of the NBA. Hopefully, we’ll be back soon,” McGee said. “Watch some highlights. You’ve got YouTube and NBA TV. That’s what we’ve been doing. We’d rather be out there playing.” 

Until then, NBA players are sharing their big platforms for information and fun, and we’re loving it.