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JaVale McGee Posts Sweet Video About His Daughter On Father’s Day

The Lakers center shared how happy he is that three-year-old Genevieve is his daughter and made a playlist of her favorite songs.

JaVale McGee posted a touching video for his daughter on Father’s Day.

In a video he made for Uninterrupted, McGee discussed giving his three-year-old daughter, Genevieve, a good foundation and he made a playlist of all her favorite songs that she likes to dance to.

On Twitter, McGee wrote: “Dear Gigi… I’m so happy that you’re my daughter and I get to be your father, forever ❤️”  

McGee opens the video addressing his daughter, whom he nicknamed Gigi.

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“Dear Gigi, this is your father, JaVale McGee, because you just learned my name a couple months ago, which is funny,” McGee said. “I was always Daddy to you. This is a playlist for you of all your favorite songs you love to dance to, you love to express yourself to. As a father, I think it’s really important that your daughters have a strong foundation and they’re not impressed easily. That they understand life is about living and having fun. If dancing is what you love to do, then I support you 100 percent.

“I just love the way that you express yourself. You’re funny, you’re creative, you do what you want but you’re also polite. You have a little mean streak in you, but it comes with the territory. I really appreciate you just being my daughter and I’m so happy that you’re my daughter and I get to be your father forever, which is dope also. Love you.” 

The playlist, which is on Pandora, includes the songs “Baby Shark,” “Macarena” and “Toosie Slide.”

McGee also posted a picture of his daughter and father on Instagram with a special Father’s Day message.  

Wrote McGee: “Becoming a father is one of the best things to ever happen to me!! I thank god everyday for a beautiful, vibrant, energetic, charismatic, intelligent, curious, strong willed, hilarious, young lady that i was blessed to be able to raise into a Queen one day! Happy Father’s day to my popz Big George... thank you for showing me how to demand respect even without saying a word.”