Kyrie Irving Says He's Going to Play Kobe Bryant One-On-One In Heaven

Melissa Rohlin

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving recently recalled when Kobe Bryant had a monster block against him. He vowed to get him back when they play one-on-one in heaven. 

On Instagram Live, Irving said he wasn't ready when him and Bryant faced off during a game in 2012 between the Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

"I get it at the top of the key and I hear the crowd, and the crowd is like, they're all erupting silently," Irving said in the video. "Then everybody starts clapping like, 'Ooh yeah,' and it's at the top of the key. Now, what does that remind you of? Back in the city, back in Jersey, when you get into that moment, this is your time. So I get at the top of the key and I make a move, he stutters a little bit, and I spin -- and when I spun, this dude was waiting for that and he punched that s---. He punched it. He punched it, bro. He punched it. ... I sized Kob' up. But it was the crowd. It was the crowd. It was the crowd. The crowd got me."

Irving said he looks forward to the day when he'll be able to avenge that play. 

Bryant died on Jan. 26 in a helicopter crash along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other people. But Irving said they'll have a rematch in heaven. 

"At this point, I'm going to see him in a little bit, like, I'm going to play him one-on-one in heaven," Irving said in the video. "We're good. I'm going to get him back."

Bryant scored 42 points in that game, which the Lakers lost, 100-94. Irving said before the game Bryant had told him he'd score at least 40 points.