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Lakers: Allen Iverson Puts 3 Laker Stars in His All-Time Starting 5 Lineup

Iverson would want to see these 3 Lakers playing on an all-time team.

It's a debate that basketball fans have heard for a very long time now. And no, it's not the LeBron James versus Michael Jordan debate that has plagued the sport for the last decade-plus. Instead, it's about the all-time starting 5, which seems to change for every former player. But there does always seem to be a Lakers player in there somewhere. 

This time, Allen Iverson was asked what his top 5 all-time list would be. The former 76ers star didn't just include three Lakers start, but three of them. Especially if you're talking current LeBron. 

Iverson listed Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant for his list. 

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The case can certainly be made for any number of players in NBA history, but that's the funny thing about basketball. Across the top 10 players off all-time, an argument can be made for any order in which you put them. But having three Lakers at the top of a list for someone like Allen Iverson is pretty cool. 

Iverson dominated the league for 14 years and scored over 24,000 points in the process. He was an eleven-time All-Star and was voted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.