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Yes, Alex Caruso has moved on for the Lakers and is now thriving with the Chicago Bulls. But that doesn't mean that he lost any support from fans in Los Angeles. In his 4 years in the Purple and Gold, fans fell in love with the guy and his knack for defense and hard-nosed style of play. 

So when he got fouled HARD by Grayson Allen this week, Lakers fans were just as angry about it as Bulls fans. With Caruso driving towards the rim for the layup, Allen went up swinging both of his arms and took him down. Caruso got horizontal in the air and landed very hard on the court. 

Caruso ended up fracturing his wrist and will need to be out for almost two months. The Bulls announced the move this week as he will need to undergo srugery to repair that broken wrist. 

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For Allen, it's just the latest dirty play in a long history of dirty plays. That dates all the way back to his days at Duke, where he was often kicking other players and drawing the ire of opposing teams, as well as media. 

It's the second swipe at Caruso that really made it personal for Lakers and Bulls fans. Had he gone up with the one hand, it likely would have just been a foul. But the extra swipe at his head resulted in a flagrant-2 and subsequent ejection. 

Get well soon, Caruso. You're missed out in Los Angeles.