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It’s only the preseason, but there doesn’t seem to be any buyers remorse with any Chicago Bulls fan right now. The GOAT, as LeBron James nicknamed him, has already been involved in a multitude of highlights in just a handful of exhibition games for the Chicago Bulls.

Check out just a couple of highlights from the GOAT.

A buzzer beater to finish off the quarter.

How about the famous up and under imitation made famous by some guy named Michael Jordan.

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Or a beautiful no-look pass to DeMar DeRozan for the flush.

With the Bulls playing for ping pong balls the past couple seasons, the fans have grown wary of things being too good to be true. For Bulls fans that did not stay up and watch Laker games the past couple seasons, they are quickly appreciating what he’s already bringing to the Bulls.

As Lakers’ fans know best, Caruso was one of the biggest fan favorites throughout his four-year tenure with the Lakers. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Caruso talks about the influence LeBron had on his own development.

“Anytime LeBron is on your team, you’re playing for a championship. It’s not a secret. If he’s on your team, it’s pretty much like you go to the Finals and try to win a championship. If you don’t win it, it’s kind of a failure. That’s kind of the ridiculous status quo that he has put upon himself after so many years of success. Just being around that kind of atmosphere, day in and day out, and being around older guys who have been around the league and won championships like LeBron, Danny Green, Rajon Rondo, you could just see there was a different type of mantra to them. How they carried themselves. How they competed. How they played. It was something I was just fortunate to be a part of.”

After the Lakers refused to counter the Bulls offer, the 27-year-old agreed to sign a four-year, $37 million deal with Chicago. If the Lakers fail to win No. 18 this season, fans will definitely be blaming Rob Pelinka and the team for letting Caruso leave. For Caruso and the Lakers alike, hopefully the best of both worlds happen, where Caruso thrives in the Windy City, and the Lakers manage to bring home another title.