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It is no secret that Russell Westbrook has consistently struggled with making shots this season. On Sunday night against the Memphis Grizzlies, Westbrook shot 2-for-12 and only scored six points within 26 minutes out on the court. However, this is not just one bad game for the point guard. Westbrook has had very few electric games so far this season. 

With that said, the big question here is, how do his teammates feel about his performances? After the Grizzlies vs. Lakers matchup, LeBron James was asked what he thought about Westbrook now that they are halfway through the season.

"Trusting him with the ball, you know, and then when I have the ball he's done a pretty good job," said James.

"I think he's just got to continue to trust his shot. Obviously, his shot hasn't failed for him as of late. But I think he's just got to continue to trust that."

Anyone who has watched Russell Westbrook before he made his way to L.A. knows exactly what kind of potential there is. When the news broke about Westbrook coming to the Lakers, everyone instantly thought this team would be at a Championship level and the chemistry is just taking longer than expected to build.

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James continued and talked about the positives from Westbrook as a player. 

"We love when he's playing at a high level. We love when he's playing at a high motor, pushing the tempo because when we're good, when we're really good, we're getting fast breaks points and it starts with Russ attack and early transition and things of that nature so we want to continue to do that." 

When this Lakers team is playing well, they are unstoppable, including Westbrook. Within this season, many have seen the potential from Westbrook over a course of a few games. When Russell Westbrook plays to his highest standard, he can do incredible things. 

The last time L.A. played the Sacramento Kings is a perfect example. Westbrook scored 19 points, had seven rebounds, two assists, and zero turnovers. One could argue that is his best game of the season. However, the only thing that will benefit L.A. is if Westbrook can play every game to that level. 

The Lakers play the Kings for the fourth time this season on Wednesday, Jan. 12 in Sacramento and Westbrook will be looking to prove himself once again.