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Dwayne Wade’s son, Zaire, decided to skip the college route of playing basketball and join the G-League directly. Considered a three-star prospect coming out of college, Zaire forgo college offers from TCU, South Carolina, and Miami, and some others.

During Saturday’s G-League draft, Dwayne shared the wholesome moment when his son was drafted by the Salt Lake City Stars.

However, there have been many doubters about this move. Because Dwayne is a minority owner with the Utah Jazz, some people see this as nepotism as to how his son gets a chance to play with the G-League affiliate team.

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Last night, LeBron James was quick to offer his thoughts and words of encouragement to the new draftee of the Jazz.

James sure knows a thing or two about proving haters wrong, as he has continuously done this in his illustrious career. However, Zaire isn’t LeBron James, so it will be interesting to see how he gets his professional career going in the G-League.